Fijian People

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    Glasgow Daily Record, UK -
    ... The American said: 'People only talk about my making the cut all those times when I nearly miss it. ... Fijian Singh could overtake both if he wins andEls collapses ...
  • Shameem backs police
    Fiji Times, Fiji -
    ... and not treated anyhow. He said that the law had taken over the land and the traditional protocol of the indigenous Fijian people.
  • Common Language Elusive in Southern California Area
    Voice of America, DC -
    ... Owner Mala Malani introduces herself in her two native tongues - Fijian and Hindi ... because the more the merrier, we do more business because all people comes here ...
  • Leaders told to tell the truth
    Fiji Times, Fiji -
    This was one of the resolutions of the union's delegates conference at the Fijian Teachers Association hall yesterday. "The people of this country deserve ...
  • Polynesian pop
    Monterey County Herald, CA -
    ... ''People thought, 'Why go anywhere when we could put our travel dollars into other ... Hawaiian war gods that can be used as door pulls, Fijian ceremonial paddles ...
Fijians are the major indigenous people of the Fiji Islands. They are indigenous to all parts of Fiji except the island of Rotuma. As of 2004, they constitute slightly more than half of the Fijian population. The great majority are Christian; around half are Methodist, with Roman Catholics, the Assemblies of God, and the Seventh Day Adventist Church well-represented also. They are predominantly of Melanesian extraction, with some Polynesian admixture; the Fijian language belongs to the Melanesian branch of the Austronesian family.

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